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A&D: ability and disability in non formal learning

The project "A&D: Abilities and Disabilities in non-formal learning" aims to promote the learning of the new Corpo Poetico® methodology and a new approach to physical and mental diversability for youth workers, using the Tanztheater integrated .


The training is intended for 23 people (including 6 disabled and 4 between organizers, trainers and facilitators) from 7 European organisations that will come together for a DTI methodology training at Uno spazio Teatrale offered by Leggere Strutture Art Factory in Bologna, from June 26 to June 30 2017. It will be based on non-formal education activities and it will address these topic: group dynamic, disability on stage, movement analysis, psychomotor behaviour analysis, how to solicit the viewer into an imaginary of diversity integration, action keys (space, movement, reflexivity); new approaches to diversities.

The Corpo Poetico®  (Tanztheater integrated) it is a “learner-centered education” approach created by Anna Albertarelli (choreographer ) and Roberto Penzo (psychotherapist) trainers. The methodology is aimed to educate people to confront with mental and physical diversability, to narrate within the scenic space and to give the value to the performers  and to make it inclusive


The mobility goals are:

- Increase the awareness of the participants regarding the social difficulties of integration and acceptance of "diversability"

- Provide participants with the instrumental bases to operate in contexts of social inclusion,

- Create new training strategies for aggregation contexts of social exclusion,

- Promote the exchange of experiences in the approach with people with disabilities,

- Motivate participants to work as multipliers in their communities, creating new social inclusion strategies, in order to have the deeper impact,

- Encourage the exchange of good practices for social inclusion, and inspire initiatives for diversability who have as objective to help participants get rid of mental preconceptions or taboos related to this


This project aims to promote a group of transnational and interdisciplinary work, whose objective is to help improve the knowledge base and the exchange of information for inclusion projects. Implementing their dissemination among young people who work with really no profit in contexts of disability in their territory.

The documents, including a digital Webdoc, which illustrates the methodology Corpo Poetico®  and the work of the group steps, will be the best interactive digital tool for disseminating to their country of origin, the culture of an Inclusive Europe .

Full title: ability and disability in no formal learning

 ( Youth Workers)



Start: 2017-01-01


Finish: 2017-10-30

Programme: ERASMUS+

Sub-Programme: Key Action 1 – Youth Workers

Website: www.A&