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In recent years, Europe has visibly been marked by terrorist attacks perpetrated in different capitals. Cities are the places where many religions and philosophical movements coexist, and where European citizens have been living in a climate of fear and distrust in recent years, public places of life are often guarded, militarized and targets of violence and dramatic episodes. In an attempt to address the issue of the growth of fundamentalism, mistrust and exclusion, increasing discrimination, European institutions have an open dialogue with religious and non-confessional, first referring to Article 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of European Union (TFEU), introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, providing for the first time a legal basis for an open, transparent and regular work between EU institutions and religions, religious and philosophical and non-confessional.

Creativi108, inspired by the commitment of promoting tolerance and mutual respect as important features of the European Community, through the Aşîtî Games project aims to encourage the reduction of the impact of terrorist acts by providing a positive example of peaceful integration and peaceful coexistence among ethnic citizens and different religion. Generating, therefore, useful tools for the prevention of religious extremism among young people.
A Bootcamp, proposed in Bologna (IT), will involve 12 young Youth Workers from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Poland, in a multi-religious context. The goal is a multidisciplinary intensive non-formal education laboratory and social innovation for the generation of Urban Games. their dissemination across Europe will be supported by a careful dissemination plan in four European cities, thanks to a media campaign on social networks and the involvement of local stakeholders.

Youth workers will be changemakers for their community, positive influencers and organizers of the Aşîtî Games events, created to play in urban spaces from twenty to fifty young people and at the same time in the city.They will become the bearers of a new methodology aimed at the prevention of religious integrity, active citizenship and participation in democratic and civil life in Europe.

Full title: Aşîtî  Games



Start: 2018-01-02


Finish: 20-09-30

Programme: ERASMUS+

Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships