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Geni: Welfare design strategies for Municipalities

Erasmus+ KA2 - Strategic Partnership for Innovation




The acquisition of skills for municipal officials and policy-makers, regarding the tools for change and

innovation management, is particularly important if we consider the action plan promoted by the European

Commission to respond to the growing needs in the framework strengthening of inclusion.

As specified by the European Commission to the European Institutions and the Committee of the Regions

in the Communication "Strengthening innovation in European regions: strategies for a resilient, inclusive

and sustainable growth", if "strategies have already made a significant contribution in terms of reorienting

the European Union's cohesion policy, Europe's competitive advantage depends on its ability to promote

new regional growth models. "In the same document, the Commission identifies, among the challenges that

must be faced to achieve this goal," further reform of research and innovation systems within the regions ".

Often the main obstacle in being able to respond to social emergencies lies in the lack of innovative tools

and approaches, which could contribute to the improvement of society as a whole, becoming an investment

that values and regenerates the resources and potential of people and territories. Welfare Design through

the use of highly innovative tools and methodologies such as Co - Design and Service Design, Design

Thinking presents itself as an effective strategy in providing appropriate support to political representatives

and officials who face common challenges in the development of an innovative Welfare for the community,

addressing issues related to migration, poverty and services that require new skills and the knowledge of

innovative tools for facilitating processes.

Welfare Design tools provide an answer to these needs, gathering a system of strategies able to enhance

the skills and resources of people and those of the community, considering it possible, even in this

particular phase for the personal services system, to invest on solidarity, on reciprocity, on the responsibility

of each other, on new forms of mutuality and sociality.

In this context, the Geni project proposes the development of a training package for adults, officials and

political representatives, to acquire skills and basic knowledge of Welfare design on the tools used on

innovation, mainly to respond to problems and social emergencies such as poverty. and migration.

The "Geni" training platform will be elaborated in a complete digital format based on E - Learning tools,

online learning and webinars that will allow collaboration between learners and trainers.

Geni will be composed of online forms that deal with the themes of social innovation in Europe, collection

documents, good applied practices, tools to activate community welfare and innovation such as: Co

Design, Design Thinking Double Diamond etc.

The development of the Geni online platform will be a tool used in collaboration with the Anci-Emilia

Romagna Association as an e-learning tool for Italian municipalities that will be able to take advantage of

innovative contents with respect to generative welfare. The partner countries will implement the use in their

municipalities, also at European level the platform will be visible on the Sic - Social Innovation Community

network ( European platform that promotes organizations and networks of

innovation in Europe.

Promoting innovative models of welfare design throughout Europe, Geni satisfies a number of Erasmus

Plus objectives such as:

● Develop a Welfare Design culture and innovation among European officials and political representatives

● Support training initiatives to support greater effectiveness of inclusive welfare

● Promote the development of the EU as a knowledge-based society

Geni and its accredited training partners will ensure recognition of the skills and qualifications of the Geni

participants on the basis of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The consortium sees the collaboration of training bodies specialized in social innovation and the SIC

network and a network of municipal associations. Diversity within the partnership facilitates the exchange of

best practices and learning from others, which is an important added value. The critical support to the

consortium will be provided by a wider network of associated partners of the main project partners, who

come from a wide range of professional and regional backgrounds, directly related to the Geni theme.

The Geni project aims to provide, in the long term, benefits for the EU and its citizens, in particular:

● Involvement of political representatives and municipal officials in continuous learning paths on

Welfare Design strategies,

● Application by some municipalities of new innovative tools in response to social emergencies such

as: migration and poverty,

● the application of new models of proactive participation of leading citizens in the development of

proposals for the territory,

● the generation of a welfare that takes care of the territory and of the citizen with good innovative

and resilient European practices.


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