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WELNEEDS: Waldorf Special Nedds

Erasmus+ KA2 – School Strategic Partnership for Innovation





The M.Garagnani school has found, from recent job shadowing mobilities in other European Waldorf schools, how different are methodological approaches to children with special needs comparing some European countries. In different meetings with managers and teachers thanks to the e-twennig platform and online meetings, it was felt the need of dialogue and share good practices of special pedagogy. The We need project aims, together with other two Waldorf schools from Reggio Emilia and Modena, to setting up a research group of international professionals in the sector, who can translate and transfer good practices and methodologies in content that can be used by all Waldorf teachers in Europe.


The project emphasizes teaching practice to improve the quality of Waldorf education systems. Partners have experience in classes with children with special needs and will be directly involved in the research phase of the methodologies in the various school subjects.


We are looking for five Waldorf schools from Europe in consortium with 3 Italian School together for this aim:


  • Identify dimensions, criteria, indicators, strategies and best practices related to Waldorf pedagogy for special needs.

  • To provide European Waldorf teachers with tools and strategies for better inclusion, of students with special needs, containing good common practices with a European dimension.

  • Offer online tools for teacher training for special education in order to improve their professional practice, to be used in class or on individualized interventions.

  • Provide European Waldorf schools with content for the design of training programs.

  • Promote the European dimension of all actions and initiatives related to this project and disseminate its results, conclusions, and proposals.


The activities of the project will be:


  • Design and development of comparative reports on the methodologies applied by teachers in each country / partner of the project.

  • Visits to schools to gain direct knowledge of the process of inclusion and exchange and registration of good teaching practices.

  • SYMPOSIUM with special pedagogy experts from all over Europe for unifying criteria on teaching, methodologies and practices among partners.

  • Workshop: Early identification of learning difficulties and relationships with families

  • Workshop: tools for teachers

  • Workshop: Arts applied to special needs

  • N 3 Transnational meetings to discuss, decide and agree on the contents of the intermediate and final evaluation, to plan and evaluate the intellectual results, their impact (from the local to the international level) and the project itself.

  • Communication, discussion and agreements through a Freedcamp tool to foster cooperation throughout the project.

  • N 1 Multiplier event in Brussels at European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education

  • for the dissemination of results, taking into account that they will remain available after 2020, including local and national dissemination activities and a final international conference, as a multiplier event.


the project will lead an publish a comparative evaluation report and addresses and approaches in the different Waldorf schools regarding the classes and special needs of each country/partner of the project.Three new guides on methodologies and tools for teachers to support children with disabilities at European level. E-learning courses for teachers and support educators to support the classes.


Intellectual results will have an impact on international Waldorf organs, school leaders, teachers and stakeholders for the benefit of students. The impact will be measured through evaluation models in the e-learning platform.


The intellectual results will be distributed locally and internationally and offered to the international network schools Waldorf European institutions for further research. There will be an international conference, multiplier event, to disseminate the results.


Waldorf teachers and educators will enrich and unify their teaching methods for special needs on new intellectual achievements. The Welneeds platform The Welneeds platform will be available to interested parties during the second year of the project. Potential long-term potential: new curricula for teachers and school managers and teachers. The results of the project and the results will not have copyright/limitation, but the authors/sources will be quoted.


The project is expected to have a major impact on over 500 direct participants and participating organizations, as well as outside organizations at different levels. At the end of the project, there are three multiplier events (one in each country) for the dissemination of the main results, which will also be made available free of charge on the website. The support program will be available in English, Italian, German to facilitate local implementation and dissemination. The institutional commitment of the partners will ensure a sustainable impact of the project results.


If You are a European Waldorf school send PIf information and Mandate with signature  this email


Referent for project 

Mss Miriam Trolese